Partridge in a Pear Tree Hand-Painted Grand Statement Card


Each pear is individually hand painted in the Partridge in a Pear Tree Grand Statement Card. Every card will be different from the next! These unique creations are highly labor intensive, requiring multiple engraving press runs. Maisner's inimitable calligraphy is engraved on colossal-sized deluxe heavy-weight stock. Write your holiday wishes on the accompanying pair of flying doves sentiment card, which comes with its own small envelope. Delivered in a dove lined outer mailing envelope. 100% cotton cream paper. 

The Bernard Maisner Grand Statement cards are unique in the world of fine stationery. At 10.5 x 7.5 inches, they are giants in scale to what is typically produced in the engraving trade - where small is the order of the day. Difficult and demanding to produce, many individual press runs may be required for every extra heavy thickness 100% cotton fiber card (with the challenge of tight registration as well), to cover such a large area. Bernard manufactures his own 100% cotton envelopes to go along with these proprietary sized cards.  Truly unique in all the world.