Bespoke Stationery


My goal is to create sensational custom stationery to convey feelings and emotions, reflecting your desires and aesthetics. Anything we can imagine together can be created.” —Bernard Maisner 
A blank canvas materializes into exquisite bespoke stationery, energized by meaningful artist-client collaboration and a dedicated commitment to the sublime. Mr. Maisner’s extensive experience as a painter, contemporary artist, and master calligrapher effects this transformation from concept to realization. And it finds form in made-to-order wedding stationery, party and event invitations, place cards, menu cards, personal stationery suites, and other one-of-a-kind artistic complements.
The renowned artist’s distinctive style, which took years to develop, employs intricate flourishing, infused with elements from various calligraphic styles and eras. The signature Maisner calligraphy style—some call it “Maisnerian”—is an adept modernized fusion of the 19th-century American Spencerian and 18th-century European Copperplate styles, updated by Maisner’s modern aesthetics. In addition to his signature script style, Maisner offers his Italian, French and Americana lettering styles.

Bernard also enjoys creating splashy, colorful, and riotously splattered motifs in playful counterpoint to the more classical themes he offers. 

All lettering and decorative garnitures are hand-rendered by Mr. Maisner, who introduced his social stationery collection in 2000 and was deemed by W magazine “the New York calligrapher” soon after. 

The hands-on bespoke stationery process begins with a consultation, then wends through creation and design, and concludes with printing. Mr. Maisner personally oversees each step with a discerning eye for detail and a personal passion to provide the best. He also offers the addressing of envelopes, lettering names on place cards, etc., in his elegant scripts.
Celebrated among connoisseurs worldwide, Mr. Maisner has graced the pages of a variety of luxury magazines and was lauded by Town & Country as a “renowned virtuoso.” Tastemaker and media personality Martha Stewart, who welcomed him as a guest on her television show Martha Stewart Living in 2001, called his work “the most beautiful calligraphy I’ve ever seen.”

For more information on bespoke stationery pricing and process, contact Mr. Maisner directly. Bernard Maisner, Phone: 212-477-6776, Email:

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Michael & Eleanora

Annie Shyer

Katherine Ruth Scheyer

Olympia & Michael




Michael & Eleanora 2

Colby & Alberto



Amanda Invitation


Aditi & Jonathan


Steffi & Will Set



Olympia & Michael Set


Tyson Invitation

Adair Invitation

Ariana Santiago

Gina Katz

Sonsino Set




Kellie & Michael


Jessica Diehl


Laura & Rod Keyhole Set

Bess Wohl


Julia Tortoise

Petra & Yves


Kelly & Christophe

Lorraine & Patrick

Sheila Davis

Grace & Diego


Audrey & Maxime

Alma & Joe

Sydney & Andrew

Elizabeth & Ryan




Simone & Marat

Sarah Hoover


Thurshwell 2


Sarah & Talman

Tritsch Fuld

Amelia McPhee


Steffi & William

Kate & Scoop



Legrange Set

Samantha & James

Debra & Meredith

Elizabeth & Cory

Kalpana & Mark


Elardo Birthday

Brooke's 50th

Cocktails Party

Ross & Sherry

Bewitching Birthday

Frank Rehearsal

Sadie Rose Bat Mitzvah

Horse Party

Christmas Cheer

NYC Ballet Seven Deadly Sins Party

Deck the Halls Holiday Party

Aubrey & Max

Ashley Bridal Shower

Meiland Rehearsal Dinner

Kelly Christmas Dinner

Devon Schuster

Bat Mitzvah


David Beahm 10 Years

Lisa's Birthday


Popcorn & Paella Party

Duesing St. Nicholas Ball Party

Bennack Party

Kelli Christmas Dinner

Duesing Russian Winter Party

Union League Chicago

Paris Birthday

Stark & Dominique Party

Darius 50th Birthday Party

Bridal Tea Party

Chicago Train Party

Kempner Peacock

Cowboy Boots Party

Bennack Party 2

Nutcracker Ball

Wine Tasting

Taylor & Andrew Party

Liz & Ken Lincoln Center Party

Forever In Love Party

Meg & Oren

Anda & Marc


Brooke & Umut

Van Cleef & Arpels

Madeline & Pedro

Hannah Fish

Katya & Gregory


Kate & Scoop


Nathalie & John


Alicia & Elliot

Megan & Thomas

Dayna & Jon

Sydney & Andrew

Connie & Jeff

Sara & Talman

Grace & Diego Program

RMC Monogram Program

Davis Double White Peacocks

Nantucket Program

Palm Program

Lisa & Ryan Program

MS Gothic Program

White Peacocks Program

JC Wreath Program

Alicia & Elliot Program

Flourish Program

Marisco Program

RR Monogram Program

NW Monogram Program

Brigid & Marco Program

Marley Program

Wedding Salon Program

Adair Program

Adair Schedule of Events

T&T Program

JA in Seal

Margaret & Geoffrey Program

Jeanette & Bill Program

DM Gothic Monogram

Lagrange Program

Heather Program

Vasic Program

SJ Program

Emily Program

Alison Joy Program

Michelle & Lawrence Program

Catharine & Bruce Program

Samantha & James Menu

Red Calligraphy Menu

Chipboard Menu

Adair Menu

Elizabeth & Rob Menu

JK Menu

Ornaments Menu

Tinsley Menu

As Your Like It Menu

Princess Everliegh Menu

White Calligraphy Menu

Kate & Scoop Menu

Lisa & Trevor Menu

Marisco Menu

Dana's 35th Birthday Menu

Frame Menu

Fashions Night Out Menu

White Whale Menu

Nick & Natasha Menu

Melanie & Matthew Menu

Ira's 50th Menu

Rachel Menu

Anna & Tim Menu

Chicago Club Menu

Victorian Menu


Lengthy Text

Sunflower Tuscany Placecard & Menu

Zakarian Menu

Bennack La Grenouille Menu

Libby & Peter Menu

Kate & Scoop Menu 2

Marisco Menu Card

Per Se Vintage Menu

Grace & Diego Menu

Americana Calligraphy

Milos Special Menu

MSK Menu

Unicef Menu

Andie & Jon Menu

Dina & Ransey Menu

Brooke & David Menu

Embossed Tree Menu

Sarah & Tom

ML Monogram Menu

Lisa Birthday Menu

Fete de Maraige Menu

Italian Inner Envelope

Script Flourished Style

Inner Envelope Classic Script

Full Page Style Inner Envelope

Full Page Inner Script Style

Script Classic Style

Casual Handwriting Style

Full Page Style Inner Envelope 2

Italian Loose & Flourished

Italian Simple Style

Italian Simple Style 3


Full Page Style Inner Envelope 4

Classic Script Style

Full Page Style Inner Envelope 3

Script Classic Style Addressing

White on Black Script

Custom Engraved Crest

Small Escort Envelope #2

Sunflower Place Card

Hand-painted Butterfly Place Card

Scarab Gold Place Card

CB Monogram Place Card

Small Escort Envelope #1

Place Card Mixed

Simple Place Card

Red Dragon Place Card

Ladybug Place Card

Mixed Hand-painted Place Card

Adair Place Card

Scarab Place Card

B Script

Bernard Maisner Blue



B Type Blue

SR & Doves

Shield & Curtains Blue


Shield & Curtains

B Type

Alpaca Seal

Waffle Blue

Crown with Ribbon

CP Type


VC&A Blue


SR and Doves Blue

BB Hummingbird

BB Seal Tool


B Script Blue

Christmas Dinner


Crown Blue

Leaves and Seal Tool

Bernard Maisner Gold


BB with Seal

CB Gothic


212 Fifth Ave

Charles and David

Casa Cuomo

Hadley Peep

Beatrix Rose

Princess Everleigh


Elephant India

AERIN Invite

Chapin Invitation

Colony Club Invitation

Van Cleef & Arpels Enchanting Evening Invitation

JP Morgan Holiday Card

Memorial Sloan Kettering Spring Ball

Boswell Absolutely Eloise Wine Label

Ballet Seven Sins

Van Cleef & Arpels Save The Date

Brightside Farm Logo

Animal Rescue Fund Bow Wow Ball

Animal Rescue Fund of The Hamptons

Neue Gallery TY Card

Una Pizza Napolitana Business Card

Masquerade Party

Wedding Salon

1st Dibs Holiday Card

Paul Duesing Business Card

Geoffrey Zakarian Opening

Conde Nast Frank Bennack Invitation

Taffin Address Notice

Duesing Russian Winter Party

Boswell RTD Wine Label

Bergdorf Goodman Party Invitation

Union League of Chicago

Elephant Robert

Fish with Bubbles Alison

Butterfly Left Andrea

Butterfly Bookmark Victoria

Dragonfly Jeanne

Elephant India

Double Dragonfly Michelle

Adair Invite Fill In

Butterfly Deborah

Dragonfly Bookmark Karen

Nautilus Emilie

US England Bookplate Ambassador Susman

Butterfly Penelope

Butterfly Left Hannah & Matther

Scallop Calling Card Miriam

Double Dragonfly Amended

Dragonfly Miriam

Double Peacock Alicia & Dean

Ladybug Lisa & Scott

Dragonfly Zoe & David

Elephant Heather

Scarab RB

Peacocks Grand Amended

Cockatoo Grand David

Easel & Canvas Erica

Flower Victoria Invite

Dragonfly ZBL

Double Peacock Fiona

Palm Tree

Schuyler & Jonathan

Dr. Allen

Ras Folder


RT Monogram


Adam & Brittany

Adam & Brittany Wildflower

Adam & Brittany Wheat

Aditi & Jonathan


WMB Boat

SMC Notes

Z Folder


Mubarak Lion

Ariane Gold Folder

Birch Notes

Amanda Crown

Sokoro Ramos

Sea Monogram



Gwen Spider Webs

Elizabeth & Cory

DAL Gothic Monogram

MQ Monogram

Miguel & Ces

WMB Boat

The Levinsons

Black Business Card


Al Sabah

MBT Monogram

Sadie Rose Notes


Kay Miller

Lizard Notes

Una Pizza Napolitana


Spider in web

Tree S&D


Andrea with butterfly

Beauty Will Save The World

Tracy Paul

Brittany Calling Card

Penelope & Butterfly

Gina Davis Tree Of LIfe

Brittany & Adam Calling Card

Monogram Flower

Palm Tree Calling Card

Ariane Red


Blind Embossed


MAG Monogram Folder

Le Grand Mogol

Stocking Holiday Folder

Tree of Life Folder Pink

T'was The Night Card with Text Inside

Flourished Border Holiday Card

Merry Christmas Photo Card

Season of Celebration Holiday Card

Red Leaves Holiday Card

Deck The Halls Holiday Card

Snowflake Holiday Card

Happy Everything Holiday Card

Pomegranate Holiday Card

Globe Katherine Newman Holiday Card

All Your Wishes Photo Holiday Card

Spinner Holiday Card

Tiny Envelopes Holiday Card

We Shall Find Peace Holiday Card

Tree of Life Folder Holiday Card

Calligraphy Text Holiday Card