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About Bernard: Bernard Maisner is an internationally renowned master calligrapher and stationer. His name is synonymous with luxury and the most high-profile society events and special occasions. With more than 30 years experience, Maisner's custom calligraphy is instantly recognizable and his stationery sets are unparalleled worldwide.

Maisner is also a contemporary artist whose paintings are exhibited in galleries and museums. He brings his talents as an artist to all aspects of stationery. The signature Maisner Script is a masterful modernized blend of Spencerian and Copperplate writing with intricate flourishes and beautiful letterforms. His International Collection of Italian, French and Americana lettering styles infuse elements of writing from different countries and eras; the Italian style was originally created for the fashion designer Valentino.

In 2000, Maisner began his foray into social calligraphy, creating elaborately embellished styles of writing for wedding stationery, party and event invitations, placecards, custom menu cards, and personal stationery. Hailed by W magazine as "the New York calligrapher" and by Town & Country Weddings as a "renowned virtuoso," he set a new and entirely unique standard for the world of social stationery and calligraphy.