Names Custom Written Lacquer Box



Bernard will personally custom calligraph the name, or short phrase of your choice in what he refers to as his "full page" calligraphy style, which fills the entire page with beautiful lettering and flourishes. This original calligraphic art is then laminated onto the custom made wooden box, and then richly lacquered. 

As this is a totally custom order, any color side and trim border can be selected. The ink color for the calligraphy and the paper color can be customized as well (for example: white ink on black paper). The dimensions of this box as priced here are 11 x 8 x 3" height. Please note that any size box can be commissioned. Your box can have either a lift-off top or a hinged top. 

Call or email Bernard directly to discuss your order at 212-477-6776 or This item is a totally custom order.  Please allow 3-4 months for production time.

This entirely handcrafted all wood product is produced using the centuries old tradition and method of hand pouring multiple layers of lacquer.  Each layer is individually hand polished, taking many days. This is the only way to achieve the deep resonating colors and the luxurious glowing finish for which lacquered items are treasured. The resulting patina is truly gorgeous, as well as being heat and alcohol resistant as well.