Elephant Lacquer Box - NOW AVAILABLE!


Each elephant is initially engraved in four colors onto thick cotton stock, then the image is laminated onto heavy wood. Next they are richly covered in satiny lacquer. You can see the depth of the engraved surface, which captures the light in a very special way, under the heavy application of the luscious lacquer. Trunk up means good luck!

The dimensions of this box are 6.5 x 8.5 and 3" in height, and has cream sides and bluetrim.

This entirely handcrafted all wood product is produced using the centuries old tradition and method of hand pouring multiple layers of lacquer.  Each layer is individually hand polished, taking many days. This is the only way to achieve the deep resonating colors and the luxurious glowing finish for which lacquered items are treasured. The resulting patina is truly gorgeous, as well as being heat and alcohol resistant.