Easel & Canvas Hand Painted Grand Statement Card


This is the GIANT version of the smaller and ever popular Easel & Canvas hand-painted note card sized set. The easel and canvas is first engraved in luxurious gold, then each canvas is individually painted by Bernard.  The result is a unique and original piece of modern art. You never know what you will get when Bernard sits down to fill in these little canvases, but all will be mesmerizing. One card and one envelope.

The Bernard Maisner Grand Statement cards are unique in the world of fine stationery. At 10.5 x 7.5 inches, they are giants in scale to what is typically produced in the engraving trade - where small is the order of the day. Difficult and demanding to produce, many individual press runs may be required for every extra heavy thickness 100% cotton fiber card (with the challenge of tight registration as well), to cover such a large area. Bernard manufactures his own 100% cotton envelopes to go along with these proprietary sized cards.  Truly unique in all the world.