Cockatoo Hand Painted Grand Statement Card


Send your missive with the ultimate flair and panache. Unique in the world of fine stationery! The colossal sized heavyweight note card is 10.5 x 7.5". This deluxe card is first engraved in deep gold, and then each cockatoo is individually hand-painted. No two are the same. It is opulent and beautiful in every way. Each card is finished with a refined bright orange beveled edge, and sealed and delivered with outer mailing envelope. 100% cream cotton papers. The lucky recipient will treasure your message forever. 

The Bernard Maisner Grand Statement cards are unique in the world of fine stationery. At 10.5 x 7.5 inches, they are giants in scale to what is typically produced in the engraving trade - where small is the order of the day. Difficult and demanding to produce, many individual press runs may be required for every extra heavy thickness 100% cotton fiber card (with the challenge of tight registration as well), to cover such a large area. Bernard manufactures his own 100% cotton envelopes to go along with these proprietary sized cards.  Truly unique in all the world.