Butterfly Notecard Lacquer Box Set | Set of 15 / SORRY - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!

$ 495.00

This beautiful lacquer box features an original gold engraved and hand painted butterfly card from Bernards fine stationery collection. As each butterfly is hand painted, every box is unique and no two will ever be the same. You can see the depth of the engraved surface, under the rich and thick application of the luscious lacquer, which captures the light in a most beautiful way. This box comes with a set of 15 uniquely hand-painted butterfly notecards and envelopes. This lacquer box is of superb quality in both and finish, and the inside top and bottom are lined with a black felt covering.

The dimensionsof this box are 5.5 x 7 x 3" height.

This box has dark blue sides andblack trim.

This entirely handcrafted all wood product is produced using the centuries old tradition and method of hand pouring multiple layers of lacquer. Each layer is individually hand polished, taking many days. This is the only way to achieve the deep resonating colors and the luxurious glowing finish for which lacquered items are treasured. The resulting patina is truly gorgeous, as well as being heat and alcohol resistant.

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