Bespoke Stationery

Bespoke means “Made to Order.” Every Bernard Maisner custom stationery item starts as a blank canvas. Engraved Stationery becomes Fine Art. It is custom in every way. Each aspect of creation is done by hand. Bernard brings his skills as an artist and painter, as well as a calligrapher and designer, to his fine stationery. The calligraphic artwork, concept, imagery and design for your invitation, holiday card, menu, or personal note card, are uniquely created. Mr. Maisner's masterful and inimitable calligraphy and design are renowned worldwide and immediately recognizable. Extremely time-consuming to create and produce, his uncompromising technical and aesthetic standards are legendary. Bernard says: "My goal is to create sensational custom stationery that will reflect your desires, aesthetic and feelings. It truly is created just for you, and sets the tone for your special event. Anything we can together imagine can be created.”

View Bernard’s portfolio. For all custom work, please call or email Bernard directly.
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Menus and Programs can be elaborate or simple. Wedding programs can be many paged booklets with engraved covers, tied with satin ribbon, or be flat printed single page fold overs. They can be large or small, colorful or classic and low key.

Personal stationery is just that--personal. It should reflect you and your personality. Since every commission is custom, the range of styles, designs and imagery is endless. Bernard can create something entirely new; you can select or modify existing Bernard Maisner imagery, or have Bernard create new calligraphy of your name or monogram as a one-of-a-kind work of art. Your missives will never look better and will be remembered by the recipient.

Direct from the hand of Bernard Maisner. An envelope addressed by Bernard is a delight to behold, a beautiful tapestry of interwoven and flourished letterforms. Bernard blends elements of 18th Century European Copperplate style calligraphy with 19th century Spencerian lettering and then adds his own modern artistic aesthetic. Recipients are thrilled when they see their names written out so stunningly. It is a gift from you to your family, friends, and loved ones, a gift they will cherish forever. Also available are Bernard’s other proprietary styles: Americana, Italian, French, and his casual handwritten script.